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Online Learning with MasterClass

"Learn from the worlds BEST MINDS" today! (MasterClass)

Ever since MasterClass was created it has garnered acclaim, and it is even more popular today, which is understandable. Who wouldn't want to learn from celebrities? If you are not sure what MasterClass is, don't worry I was with you just a few months ago. Do you want to learn more about the program? Keep reading. And don't forget to join me in the MasterClass community as I learn from the worlds BEST MINDS.

Motivation Monday

June 29th

Check out my new layout for Feed Me Reads, and discover what MasterClass my family is doing this summer to stay motivated with our learning.

Help Your Little One Understand More about Germs and How to Coupe With Not Being Able to go Anywhere

Discover how I use the Magic School Bus to help my son understand why her can't go anywhere due to covid-19

Ever had a kid that just won't stop asking why? Well, I have one, and sometimes it can be very frustrating because no matter what you say he still will ask why. Find out how I used books and media to help me answer his whys so he didn't need to keep asking.


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