16 of the Best Dad Books for 2020

Updated: Sep 18

Father's Day is just around the corner, and if you are like my family, when it comes to gifts, there is usually a book involved. I’ve compiled a helpful list of some of the most popular books, from newly released books to tried and loved books. There are books for all types of dads: thrillers, mysteries, comedies, fantasies, sports, autobiographies, mythology, humor, histories, politics, or geology. Have a dad that loves to: tell dad jokes, do experiments, watch The Office? We have you covered! Know of an expectant father or new dad? You’ll definitely want to check out our recommendation below. Check out the list below to help you find the perfect book for YOUR dad!

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Find the best book for the dad in your life who enjoys:

New Releases

1. Fiction, horror, thrillers, and mystery

If It Bleeds

by Stephen King

If It Bleeds is a collection of four stories, three are novellas: Mr. Harrigan's Phone, The Life of Chuck, and Rat. The other book, If It Bleeds, is a sequel to The Outsider featuring Holly Gibney.

Mr. Harrigan's Phone.

This book is about a boy, Craig, who befriends his new elderly neighbor, Mr. Harrigan. Mr. Harrigan hires Craig to help him around his house. In return, Mr. Harrigan pays Craig $5 an hour and sends him lottery tickets on birthdays and holidays. Craig and Mr. Harrigan form a close bond. When Craig wins some money from one of the lottery tickets, he buys Mr. Harrigan an iPhone. Find out how they are both transformed from the bond they formed, and how the it transcends death.

The Life of Chuck

“39 Great Years! Thanks Chuck!” This book is unique in that it begins with the end and the story is told backward. There are three acts following the life of Chuck. The book gives you a snapshot of three events in Chuck’s life that lead to the end of the world.

If It Bleeds

This story follows Holly Gibney, a recurring character from some of Steven King's Novels. In this story, Holly is working alone as she tries to discover what is ‘off’ about a reporter she sees covering news footage about a middle-school bombing.


Drew Larson longs to be a novelist but he has yet to produce anything notable, except one short story. His one-time claim to fame keeps driving him forward despite mental breakdowns. Find out what happens when Drew isolates himself at his deceased father's cabin to have one more go at his dream and how a talking rat helps him do it.

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2. Fiction, thrillers, and mystery (minus the horror aspect)

Camino Winds

by John Grisham

Camino Winds is the second book from the Camino Island Series. This story is about Bruce Cable, a bookstore owner, and his friend Nelson Kerr, an author of thrillers. Nelson dies during a hurricane. However, the nature of his death is very suspicious due to several blows to the head. Local police are too overwhelmed with the aftermath of the storm and seem to get nowhere with the investigation into Nelson's death, so Bruce takes it upon himself to discover the truth. Could Nelson's unpublished manuscript hold the key to the mystery, or is there more to the story?

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3. Historical-fiction and military

To Wake the Giant: A Novel of Pearl Harbor

by Jeff Shaara

Follow Jeff Saara as he brings to life the events leading up to Pearl Hard, the actual attack, and the aftermath. In this book, not only will you get to see how the WWII attack on Pearl Harbor crippled the US Navy, but you will also get to see some events from the Japanese perspective. You will get to see how everything unfolds through the eyes of Cordell Hull, U.S. Secretary of State under President Franklin Delano Roosevelt; Admiral Yamamoto, the Japanese architect of the invasion; and Tommy Briggs, a 19-year old naval recruit from an impoverished Caucasian family in Florida. The three main characters are based on historical figures.

Side note, even though the character Tommy Briggs is based on a historical person the name is not the same and there are experiences of others interwoven into his character.

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4. Nonfiction, conspiracy, historical, and politics

The Lincoln Conspiracy: The Secret Plot to Kill America's 16th President--and Why It Failed

by Brad Meltzer and Josh Mensch

Find out about a secret society, Knights of the Golden Circle, that plotted to kill President Lincoln before his inauguration speech and the detective, Allan Pinkerton, who foiled their plans.

Take a step back into the history of America and get a view of those fighting for slavery and against slavery. Discover how President Lincoln's anti-slavery views drove those who sought to keep slavery intact to plan an assassination of the President-Elect before he could reach Washington, and how a little- known detective agency stopped the plan with some quick thinking.

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5. Nonfiction, war, strategy, and parental advice

The Art of War - Fatherhood Edition: Ancient Military Strategy for Fathers with Small Children

by Landon Pontius

Learn how to face the battles of fatherhood through the immortal words of the military strategist, Sun Tzu. Many are familiar with the classical literary work of The Art of War, a strategy guide among no other. Its teachings have been used in politics, business, and of course, battle. Landon Pontius takes the teachings of this book and incorporates them into the life of parenting. Not only does he provide the reader with the strategies to be an effective parent, but he also adds comic relief.

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6. Nonfiction, sports, baseball, historical, and biography

24: Life Stories and Lessons from the Say Hey Kid

by Willie Mays and John Shea

A memoir by Willie Mays. Discover the challenges Willie faced throughout his life that helped shape him into one of the greatest all-around players in baseball history, and his life after his baseball playing years were over. Learn about Willie's life in his own words, the many lessons he learned about playing baseball, and about the life lessons that he wants to impart to others.

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7. Nonfiction, sports, baseball, historical, and autobiographies

Lou Gehrig: The Lost Memoir - New Release

by Alan D Gaff

This is a compilation of different views into the Life of Lou Gehrig, a baseball icon who literally rose from rags to riches. The first part of the book is from Lou himself. It is a collection of newspaper columns that he wrote to help spread his fame. The second half of the book is a biography written by John D. Graff. It tells of his poor beginnings through to his college career, and on to his home run derby with Babe Ruth. The last part of the book is Lou's farewell speech he gives to his fans at the Yankee stadium after he finds out he has ASL.

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8. Nonfiction, culture, humor, and biography - memoir

The Office: The Untold Story of the Greatest Sitcom of the 2000s: An Oral History

by Andy Greene

Go behind the scenes of one of the most iconic television shows of the twenty-first century. Get the inside scoop on: some of your favorite episodes, find out how it managed to stay afloat after NBC wanted to cancel it after just six episodes, and who auditioned for the show. Read interviews with cast members, writers, directors, and producers; including an in-depth look of what it was like to work with the cast and crew and more. You will get to hear about the stars’ first impressions of the show, their anxieties, the strange machinations behind Steve Carroll's exit, and about the show’s finale.

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9. Humor

501 Terribly Good Dad Jokes! - New Release

by Old Charp Entertainment and KidsVille Books

Do you know of a dad who loves cheesy, badly timed jokes? Then this book is a must. This is a special father's day edition that was just released, so you will get the latest collection of worst, but best dad jokes.

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Tried and Loved

10. Fiction, fantasy, mythology, and history

Black Leopard, Red Wolf - New York Times Bestseller

by Marlon James

This is the first book in the Dark Star Trilogy. Follow Tracker, a famed hunter, and a ragtag group of mercenaries, shapeshifters, witches, and more who were hired to find a young boy who has been missing for three years. So much happens in this book that you won't know who is a friend, ally, foe, or lover. Allies become foes, friends become lovers, and lovers become foes. You will get to discover more about African mythology as you read this book. You won't be disappointed with the assortment of mythological creatures included in this book from vampires, witches, necromancers, and more.

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11. Fiction, sports, and golfing

Miracle at St. Andrews - bestselling author

by James Patterson, Peter de Jonge

Is Travis' golfing career over when he loses a spot on the Senior tour? Follow Travis McKinley and his family as they travel back to Travis' homeland, Scotland, to help him find the magic of golfing all over. This is the third book in the Travis McKinley series.

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12. Nonfiction, mythology, geography, science, and history

The Phantom Atlas

by Edward Broike-Hitching

This is a beautifully reproduced atlas with full-color maps packed with fictional or nonexistent places that ended up on real maps for odd wacky reasons due to misleading reports, made-up stuff, misread directions, mythical lands, or all-out lying explorers. Learn more about mythical places like El Dorado and the Lost City of the Kalahari. Get transported into the mystery and unknown knowledge of myths that seem to have factual information which will make you second guess whether they really exist or not. Discover places that used to exist centuries ago and were integral to the societies around them, but are no longer in existence.

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13. Nonfiction, humor, and autobiography

Your Dad Stole My Rake (Best in Audio version)

by, Tom Papa

Find out how stand-up comedian Tom Papa deals with a life full of crazy aunts and uncles, loud grandparents, and his own parenting exploits. A collection of essays that are relatable and have meaning. This is a clean, yet funny book that celebrates the humor, frustration, and insanity of family life.

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14. Nonfiction, science, handyman, and autobiography

Every Tool's a Hammer - New York Times Bestseller

by Adam Savage

Adam Savage, from Mythbusters, provides inspiration for those who love to create but don’t believe they can. He helps them learn that it is okay to mess up as long as you learn from those mistakes. This book is full of useful tips, tricks, and life lessons. Perfect for any dad whether they build, sew, do woodwork, paint, or something else.

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15. Nonfiction, science, and parenting

Dad's Book of Awesome Science Experiments

by Casey Cep

Great book for the science-loving dad who likes to get his hands dirty. It will provide hours of fun for dad and kids alike as they delve into the world of rock candy crystals, magnetic fields, and balloon rocket blasters. Each project has an explanation on how to do the experiment and then a section called 'Why it Works' to help explain the science behind it.

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16. Nonfiction, reference, humor, self-help, expectant fathers and new fathers

Be Prepared: A Practical Handbook for New Dads

by Gary Greenberg and Jeannie Hayden

This is a survival manual and handbook to help dads in the early days of fatherhood be the best dad they can be. The book is set-up like a Boy Scout manual. This easy to use and follow book is a comprehensive, chronological rundown for new fathers. It helps them know what to expect in the first years of their baby's life. It has a good balance between humor and practical information.

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