Arabella by Georgette Heyer - July 20th Motivational Monday

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Get motivated to read romance with Georgette Heyer. The Queen of Regency Romance, and don't forget to join my Book Bingo Challenge.

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I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. My weekend was full of cleaning and organizing. My husband and I have been doing a thorough cleaning of our house. It is a very daunting task but one that was way overdue.

I just finished my Business Book, Fix This Next, by Mike Michalowixz, for the Book Bingo Reading Challenge, and I was looking over the Book Bingo Card trying to decide what I would read next. I found out that The Hitchhikers Guide's to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams, was published the year I was born. I tried reading this book once, but couldn't get very far into it. I just might have to give it a try again.

Not sure what the Book Bingo Reading Challenge is? Check out my post: Get Motivated to Read with a Book Bingo Challenge - July 12th Motivational Monday

My sister has been exploring book options, as well. She has been researching books published in the year she was born. Two the books she mentioned are, Across Five Aprils, by Irene Hunt, and The Giving Tree, by Shel Silverstein. I told my sister that I am not sure The Giving Tree counts for the Book Bingo Challenge, but I would consider counting it if she at least read it with a child. I should have been more specific about what type of books. Still it is a classic.

What books were published the year you were born? Leave a comment below or post it on my Facebook page @feedmereads.

Motivational Monday Pick

For my Motivational Monday Pick, I want to introduce you to one of my favorite romance authors, Georgette Heyer. Heyer began her writing career in 1921 at the age of seventeen with her debut novel, The Black Moth, which she adapted from a story she made for her brother. She wrote detective fiction and historical romance novels mostly centered around the Regency era. Heyer is known as the Queen of Regency Romance, a sub-genre she is credited for creating. Heyer's writings were inspired by Jane Austin's works. Fans of Austin will definitely enjoy her books.

What I love most about Georgette Heyer's books is the witty humor and sarcasm found within the pages. I love the character development and how she plays the characters against each other. I also enjoy the in-depth view she provides of the Regency era. She does such an exceptional job transporting her readers back to this time, that you can picture yourself walking down the streets of London and feel the excitement of attending dances at Almack's. Plus, her books are clean romance novels, which I appreciate.

My favorite Georgette Heyer Novel


Arabella Tallant is a mischievous young woman on her way to London for her first season when disaster strikes and her carriage breaks down. She takes refuge at the hunting lodge of Robert Beaumaris. It is here that misconceptions and deceit ensue as Arabella pretends to be an heiress. Arabella's ruse backfires when her so called"fortune" becomes known to all of London. Mr. Beaumaris amuses himself by making Arabella all the rage, knowing all the while she is not an heiress. This book had me laughing throughout and wondering which main character was going to reveal their ruse first.

Have you read any of Georgette Heyer's books? Do you have a favorite romance novel? Let me know in the comments below or share it on my Facebook page @Feedmereads.

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If you are participating in the Book Bingo Reading Challenge, Georgette Heyer's books would be a great read for the romance, historical fiction, recommended by a friend, or two books by the same author. Don't forget to share what you are reading in the comments below or on my Facebook page @Feedmereads.


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