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Updated: Sep 18

When you are prepared, focused, and have a goal in mind your motivation and productivity will shoot through the roof. The key is to know your "why." Learn how true motivation comes when you discover your “why.” Then nothing will come between you and your goals.

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Motivational Monday: August 16, 2020


This week my husband and I had a discussion with our children on the importance of being prepared. My husband compared it to packing for a camping trip, timely considering we just got back from a campout. We talked about all the different items we packed with us and how that made the camping trip a success. Then there are the items we forgot that made the trip more difficult, like the baby wipes and diaper rash medicine. (We ended up making a trip to the nearest grocery store for those items). My husband had the children consider what they would pack if we had an extended campout, say two years, instead of three days. It definitely put things into a different perspective.

There would be many comforts that we would have to forgo to make it two years camping. We would need to rely on our skills to help us survive, especially if we didn't have easy access to amenities. Our failed fishing excursion just became a little bit more important. If we needed to provide our own food, fish may not be on the menu. However, if we knew in advance that this would be happening, we could take the necessary lessons to become better at fishing and be prepared.

The discussion went on to talk about different situations of our children’s lives that they could prepare for: spiritual, physical, mental, educational, and career. My son is entering his junior year of high school, so we talked a lot about what he needs to do now to prepare for college and life away from home. His “camping” excursion will be for the rest of his life.

Looking back on this discussion has highlighted the importance of goal setting and preparedness for me. As you know, I have been spending time learning to be more productive. In this journey, I have learned that becoming goal-oriented is one of the first steps in being productive. And to be more goal-oriented, it is important to know your “why” for what you are doing. Without this “why” or goal, it is easy to find yourself on different roads going in multiple directions but really going nowhere. However, with a goal in mind, instead of taking off down multiple roads being driven by whatever fancy comes your way, you know which road to take and you will reach an end destination.

Motivational Monday Message

It can be hard to be motivated when you feel like you are constantly hitting dead ends or running in circles but really not getting anywhere. When you can become focused, have a purpose, and a goal in mind your motivation and productivity will shoot through the roof.

So how do you do this? You discover your “why.” You find out why you want to do something. Brianna Berner teaches this in her #GoalCrusher’s Mastermind class. She says, “your why is what drives you in life. It gives your goals meaning and helps you stay motivated.” We all want to stay motivated, right? To really understand your ‘why” you need to understand your core values. When you can understand your core values, what drives you, and governs you then you can align your goals up with these values and stay true to yourself. True motivation comes when you discover your “why.” Then nothing will come between you and your goals.

My Motivational Monday Pick.

My #MotivationalMondayPick, The #GoalCrusher’s Mastermind eCourse

by Brianna Berner

Brianna is a productivity coach and professional organizer. She is the founder of Spiked Parenting, where she provides #lifeHacks for busy moms.

Last week, I started Brianna Berner’s #GoalCrusher’s Mastermind Class, and to say it has been an eye-opener is an understatement. Ever since I have started my web business, I have heard the term, “know your why.” I have spent time going through steps and thought processes trying to discover this, and it seems like I have been coming up against a brick wall. I don’t know how many times I have half-heartedly said, I found my “why.” Brianna’s class has taught me to dig deeper into my purpose and how to discover my core values. It was amazing when I finished one of her exercises and saw my core values. I felt like things started to click, and I feel like I am finally on the right path to discovering my why.

If you are looking for your “why” and trying to be more goal-oriented, then I would recommend you look into The #GoalCrusher’s Mastermind eCourse. Not only does the this course help you discover your “why,” and be more goal-oriented, but it will also help you be better prepared to face your “camping” excursion and be more motivated.


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