July 7th, Motivational Monday

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Learn about the American War for Independence with Ron Carter and his series Prelude to Glory. Follow the fictional Dunson family as they participate in the fight for freedom and liberty.

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Happy belated Monday Everyone. I have to apologize that this post is a day late. I have been traveling the past few days to visit family and had some difficulties getting access to the Internet. While we were traveling I got this article written, and when we got to my mother's house I was going to publish it. Unfortunately, my mother's Internet connection was so slow that I could not get it finished. Instead of a Motivational Monday, we are going to have a Motivational Tuesday.

At this time I have been reflecting a lot about family and freedom. I have had the privilege of coming from a wonderful family. I am the youngest of seven children, and we are all very close. I also have had the privilege of being raised in the United States where I enjoy many freedoms.

I got to celebrate Independence Day with my family this weekend. It was so wonderful spending time with them. It had been over a year since I saw them last. Due to the pandemic, many traditional Independence Day celebrations have been canceled this year. However, in the town where I grew up they still held their annual 4th of July parade. My kids had a great time at the parade, and we came away with a bag full of taffy and other candies.

There was one float in particular that really stood out to me during this parade. A group of young men did a reenactment of the Iwo Jima Memorial. I wish I had a picture of it, but I was too busy making sure my kids didn't run out in front of the float to snap one. The Iwo Jima Memorial was erected to celebrate the marines who have given their lives in defense of America since 1775. It is humbling when you think of all those who have given their time, energy, and sometimes their lives to provide Americans with the freedoms we have today.

Ever since I saw this float, I have been thinking a lot about United States’ history, specifically the Revolutionary War that led to the Constitution of the United States and with it all the freedoms and privileges we enjoy.

It can be easy to take advantage of these freedoms and get caught up in all the drama and chaos around us. It is good to have reminders like the Iwo Jima Memorial from a 4th of July parade to remember what price has been paid so we can have our agency today. What would our lives be without the Constitution and laws we have? We could possibly be living in terror, anarchy, and decay.

If you have not already taken the time during this month to remember the great freedoms and liberties you have in America, please take a moment to ponder them. As you do, remember these liberties: the right to speak your mind and voice your opinions; the right to choose how you worship; the right to own land; the right to assemble; the right to bear arms; the right to vote; and so much more. I would love to hear from you. What is it that you are especially grateful for in your country?

My Motivation Monday Pick

In celebration of American’s Independence Day and family, my Motivational Monday pick is the book series Prelude to Glory.

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This is a nine book historical fiction series by Ron Carter. It follows the Dunson family of Boston through the many different events that led to the formation of America and its independence from Britain. Even though the Dunson family are fictional characters, you will still get to meet some of the historical characters of the Revolutionary War that we have grown to love: Paul Revere, George Washington, Samuel Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and more. You get a taste for what it would have been like to live during this day through the eyes of everyday people as they walk the streets of Boston, Concord, and Lexington. You will feel the freezing conditions and hunger of the Continental army as they endure the harshness of winter. You will experience the high seas and what it is like to go head to head with war ships. You will get carried away with Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson as they dictate the Declaration of Independence.

Ron Carter does an exceptional job weaving everyday fictional characters into the history of the Revolutionary War. At times, you forget that they are not actual people. Through your reading of Prelude to Glory, you will gain a greater appreciation for the founding fathers and those who fought alongside them and learn more about the history of America in a way you never imagined. At the same time, you will get a taste for what war is truly like and the misery, hardship, and dismay that the colonials had to overcome to fight for their freedom and liberty. My personal favorite is that you get to experience all of this through the wonderful Dunson family. You will discover what it could have been like for them during this time, how their family was affected by the events around them, and how they handled them.


“I have personally read all nine books. Although it was quite a few years ago. I enjoyed reading these books. Although at times it could be a little wordy and they are long books, it was worthwhile to read them. I learned a lot about the American War for Independence that I didn’t know before. It has been such a long time that I read the books, I am considering reading them again.” - Marilyn Carlsen
“I've never been so captivated by a volume of books as by Prelude to Glory by author Ron Carter. He has woven a fictional family (and the reader!) and actual American history together to create an account and the incredible story of miracles that lead to the creation of the United States of America. I learned much about my beloved country in just the first volume. If American history was taught in our schools in Mr. Carter's style, we would have a generation of patriots graduating in our schools! I'm now in Vol 6 and will surely feel a let-down after I finish the last, Volume 9. What will I have to look forward to! With the completion of each volume, I can't wait to begin the next. Enjoy the masterful storytelling of this author and catch his enthusiasm and love for his country.” - Testimony from an Amazon customer

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