What is the Gardening & Sustainable Living Bundle?

Updated: Jun 4

Find reputable mentors to help you learn how to garden correctly and create your own sustainable living style. All in one package from Ultimate Bundles. Learn gardening, container growing, homesteading and living off the grid, raising back yard livestock such as chickens, rabbits, or goats, and food preservation including canning, dehydrating, and fermentation. 

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I was raised on a farm, so I did learn some basics of gardening. However, being a typical teenager, I resisted doing anything my parents wanted me to do. Unfortunately, gardening was at the top of my list of chores I resisted doing. Years later, I found myself calling my parents for advice on how to grow a garden. They have done there best to guide me, but it isn't easy when I live ten hours away. I still have so much to learn. This is where the Gardening & Sustainable Living Bundle comes in. This bundle will help fill in those gaps. For those who don't have someone to provide them with advice, Ultimate Bundles has you covered. They have gathered the mentors for you that have the knowledge to help.

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What is The Gardening & Sustainable Living Bundle?

This bundle is a collection of 21 eBooks, 7 eCourses, and 5 planners, which is all in one package. That is 33 resources to help you start a garden, make the garden you have now even better, know what to do with all the produce you get from your garden, and maybe even discover a new hobby or two. There are seven different topics available to choose from, plus 2 bonus.

On top of all of these great resources, Ultimate Bundles has an awesome early bird bonus you won't want to miss. A self-watering seed pot from Orta. This is actually my favorite part of the whole bundle. This is a handmade terracotta pot that you can use (and reuse) to start your seeds. By itself, it is worth $22. That is $2 over the price of the Gardening Bundle. Even if you just wanted the watering pot, you get a whole lot more for your money by buying the bundle. The bundle will provide you with the resources to know how to grow the seedlings and transplant them into your garden.

To get the seed post bonus you need to order the Bundle before Midnight on Tuesday, May 19th

Product List

Here is the list of seven different topics covered in the Gardening & Sustainable Living Bundle and the products and resources in each of the topics. Plus the two bonuses.

Compact Gardens

  • How To Start A Container Garden (eBook) by Julie Brown

  • Raised Bed Mini Bundle: Plan, Build, Fill, Grow, and Harvest (eCourse) by Jill McSheehy

  • Think 'Inside' the Box: An Essential Guide to Edible Container Gardening (eBook) by Shelby DeVore $29.00

Getting Started

  • 7 Secrets to Growing a Healthy Organic Garden (eBook) by Anne Gibson

  • Beginner's Guide To Healthy Soil (eBook) by Laura Seabolt

  • Getting Started with Worm Composting (eBook) by Rootsy Network

  • How to Attract Hummingbirds to Your Garden (eBook) by Christine Dalziel

  • Natural Pest Control for the Home Garden (eBook) by Courtney Johnson

  • Organic Soil Amendments (eBook) by Cris Daining

  • The Art of Gardening (eBook) by Susan Vinskofski

  • The Permaculture Inspired Edible Landscape (eBook) by Amy Stross


  • 21 Ways to Get Started Living Off the Grid (eBook) by Sarita Harbour

  • Finding Time to Homestead: Make Space for Old Fashioned Skills in Your Modern Life (eBook) by Mindy Wood

  • Make Money Homesteading (eBook) by Diana Bouchard

  • The Art of Sourdough (eCourse) by Victoria Pruett


  • Homemaker's Backyard Garden Journal: Planner & Tracker (Workbook) by Clarissa West

  • Seeds for Generations Premium Garden Planning Toolkit (Digital Planner) by Jason Matyas

  • The Gardening Notebook (Workbook) by Angi Schneider

  • Vegetable Garden Planner: Powered by Trello (Digital Planner) by Shelle Wells


  • Canning Jump Start Guide with Easy Canning Recipes (Printable) by Jennifer Gomes

  • Dehydrating Masterclass (eCourse) by Wardee Harmon

  • Fermenting Masterclass: Quick Guide to Preserving Healthy Fermented Vegetables (eCourse) by Melissa K Norris

  • Savoring Summer through Food Preservation eBook by Kathie N. Lapevic

Raising Animals

  • Nigerian Dwarf Goats 101: Background & Basics (eBook) by Lesa Wilke

  • Patio Raptors: Lessons from Life with a Flock of Urban Chickens (eBook) by Meredith Skyer

  • Simply Practical Rabbit Care (eCourse) by Leah Lynch

Veggie Patch

  • Edible Front Yard Gardens (eBook) by Kris Bordessa $

  • From Clove to Stove: How to Grow Garlic (eCourse) by Tracy Lynn

  • Grow a Good Life Guide to Planning Your Vegetable Garden (eBook) by Rachel Arsenault

  • Homestead Honey's Guide to Fall Gardening (eBook) by Teri Page

  • Learn to Grow Edible Mushrooms (eCourse) by Chris Gilmour

  • Ten Herbs at Home: For Cooking, Cleaning, Fragrance, Bathing and More (eBook) by Karon Grieve

  • Vegetable Gardening The Easy Way (eBook) by Jami Boys


  • $15 gift certificate from Strawesome

  • Bug Block Stick and Lip Balm from MadeOn Skin

My Topic Pick

I already mentioned my favorite part about the bundle, the early bird special. However, I do have a favorite eBook among the 33 different resources. It is Getting Started with Worm Composting. My husband and I built a compost bin in our backyard many years ago. We have been faithful about putting our kitchen scraps in the bin ever since. It has cut back on the garbage we produce significantly. However, we haven't' done anything with it besides dumping our kitchen scraps in it. I am sure the raccoons and other animals love it. I want to learn what to do with the composite, and what is the best way to incorporate it into our garden. I am hoping that this eBook will help me with this endeavor.

Getting Started with Worm Compositing is by Roosty Network. It is about how to improve soil quickly by using worms. It also includes a video to help teach this concept. Roosty Network is a team of homesteaders that came together to provide their love of gardening with the world. You will find experts that have small suburban lots to ones living off the grid.

Check It Out For Yourself

The bundle is now live. Head on over to Ultimate Bundles and learn more about this awesome package. Find out what your favorite part of the bundle is, and then tell me in the comments below what you like about the bundle. I would love to hear from you.

The only way to know for sure if this bundle is right for you is to check it out for yourself. Remember, Ultimate Bundles offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, no question asked. If you are not happy with the Gardening & Sustainable Living Bundle then you can get a refund.

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