Take your reading to the next level, with my unique spin on reading. I will provide you with ways you can be more engaged with your reading. It will get you up and moving as you reenact, create, or apply what you are reading.

My goal in Reading with Purpose is to help you become an active participant in your literary pursuits instead of just a passive reader. When we become active in our reading we get more out of it because we seek to apply what we learning. Most of our reading is passive, we take in the information without a goal to really get anything out of it, and that is understandable. Sometimes we just need to disconnect with the world and lose ourselves in a book. However, we will only retain about 10% of what we read with passive reading. We can increase what we remember when we become active in our reading because we remember 90% of what we do. 

I will issue a Reading with Purpose Challenge at least monthly that will have different activities we can do while reading this book. Then comes the fun part, the challenge. 

Here are some examples of different challenges to look forward to.

Apply what you read to your life.​

For example, if you read a financial book, choose one pointer provided in the book, and implement it into your life.

Reenact what you have read.

For example, there could be a fun scene, sound, or dance mentioned in the book. You could have fun reenacting this in your life. Have fun with it. You can even include family and friends if you want.

Create something from what you read.

For example, If you are reading a craft book and it provides guides on making a pillow, you could take this opportunity to create your own pillow.

I would love to hear from you. Share with me the experiences you have been an active reader. What are you doing to be more engaged and using what you are reading in your lives? Take a picture or video and share it. Remember this is meant to be fun.


As I side note, I will never create a reading challenge I have not done myself. 

Reading with Purpose Challenge

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